Steven Ottogalli, Publisher, and Lee Axelrod, Marketing Manager, Wiley

SETAC partners with Wiley, a global scientific and scholarly publisher, to produce SETAC’s journals Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (ET&C) and Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management (IEAM). Recent changes in the scholarly publishing landscape in Europe expand publishing opportunities for SETAC’s authors and broadens accessibility for readers of SETAC’s journals.

In recent months, Wiley has announced several important publishing partnerships with European institutions. The first of these partnerships is an agreement with Projekt DEAL, a consortium of German Libraries and Research Institutions that was commissioned by the Alliance of Science Organizations in Germany, represented by the German Rectors’ Conference, the HRK. DEAL represents nearly 700 mainly publicly funded academic institutions in Germany (such as universities, universities of applied sciences, research institutions, state and regional libraries), including the most important science and research organizations in Germany.

Under an annual fee, this transformative three-year agreement provides all Projekt DEAL institutions with access to read Wiley’s academic journals back to the year 1997, and researchers at Projekt DEAL institutions can publish articles open access in Wiley’s journals, including ET&C and IEAM. The partnership will better support institutions and researchers in advancing open science, driving discovery, and developing and disseminating knowledge.

Wiley engaged in a partnership with DEAL to better address the growing research market and evolving needs of researchers. Wiley is the first publisher to sign a countrywide agreement that provides participating German institutions access to read Wiley’s portfolio of academic journals and enables researchers at those institutions to publish articles open access in Wiley’s journals.

The partnership also includes a number of new initiatives, including the launch of a flagship open access journal to publish top-tier scholarship and deliver innovative workflows for authors. Wiley and DEAL will establish an open science and author development group to be an incubator for innovative new models, projects in support of open science, and drive continual improvements in author services. As partners, Wiley and DEAL will also jointly convene an annual research symposium for early career researchers to cultivate new ideas and drive the future of research communications in Germany.

In addition to Projekt DEAL, Wiley has entered into similar open access and subscription agreements with the Hungarian Electronic Information Service National Programme (EISZ) and Unit, the Norwegian Directorate for ICT and Joint Services in Higher Education and Research. These three-year transformative agreements provide researchers in 13 EISZ-affiliated institutions and 33 Norwegian institutions, respectively, with access to read journals published by Wiley and the ability to publish open access in Wiley titles.

For these agreements, Wiley has ensured that all eligible authors and researchers will be automatically identified through our Author Services platform and will be notified of the opportunity to publish open access at no additional charge to the author. The institutions will also have access to a distinct open access account dashboard for easy administration of their account, quick article approval and in-depth reporting.

Wiley is thrilled to enter into these agreements, and we appreciate the opportunity to collaborate with DEAL, EISZ and Unit over the coming years. These agreements provide key examples of our commitment to partnerships across the research community and show what can happen when the university, funder and publishing communities join forces to promote greater access, preserve author choice, and support great science and scholarship. Through these publishing partnerships, Wiley is investing to enable a high-quality and more open research ecosystem and continuing our commitment to making the researcher a priority in our publishing strategies.

Authors interested in learning more about these agreements, including affiliation policies and payments, please visit Wiley’s Author Resources website.

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