Mason King, SETAC North America Early Career Committee

Young scientists at SETAC OrlandoSETAC members who have recently graduated and are starting their career paths are a valuable presence at society meetings. However, because many new employees have not developed sufficient tenure in their organizations, travel funds can be a barrier to attending. The SETAC North America Recent Graduate Travel Award is now available to help recent graduates attend the SETAC North America 39th Annual Meeting, which will be held from 4–8 November in Sacramento, California.

SETAC North America established this award in 2017 to encourage promising early career members to attend the annual meeting. The SETAC North America Endowment Fund Board of Trustees financially supports this award, with the Early Career Committee and the Awards and Fellowships Committee coordinating its implementation. In 2017, six recent graduate members were able to attend the meeting in Minneapolis because of these awards.

In a statement to the Endowment Fund, early career member Rebecca Dalton wrote about how the award helped her to attend the SETAC North America 38th Annual Meeting last year in Minneapolis, Minnesota:

Rebecca Dalton

Rebecca Dalton

“Although both my former and current employers were supportive of my attendance at SETAC Minneapolis, there was not a mechanism for either organization to provide financial support. I considered my attendance at SETAC Minneapolis to be an excellent investment in my own professional development, but the award really helped make my attendance financially feasible.”

Similarly, another 2017 award recipient, Jared Bozich, wrote this:

Jared Bozich

Jared Bozich

“Attending the SETAC North America Annual Meeting in Minneapolis through the help of the SETAC North America Endowment Fund Early Career Travel Award has been crucial for me to meet my peers and grow my relationships, which so many of us in industry rely on time after time.”

All SETAC North America recent graduate members in good standing are eligible to apply. Previous winners are not eligible to re-apply. Six awards (two per sector) are available for 2018. The award amount will be up to $800 plus a registration waiver. Online applications are due 1 June 2018. Applications will be judged based on merit and financial need.

In addition to award applicants, the Early Career and Awards and Fellowships Committees are also looking for experienced SETAC members to review applications. To become a reviewer, please email Ryan Prosser.

For more information or to join the Early Career Committee, email chairperson Blair Paulik.

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