Austin Gray, SETAC North America Inclusive Diversity Committee Co-Chair, University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Greetings, members of SETAC! In 2018, SETAC North America approved the formation of the Inclusive Diversity (ID) Ad Hoc Committee, a special interest group within the SETAC North America Career Development Committee, initiated by professionals from minority groups of the society. The ID Committee is dedicated to increasing the participation of underrepresented individuals within SETAC North America. Last year, we announced the formation of the committee and hosted our kickoff event at the SETAC North America 39th Annual Meeting in Sacramento, California, where more than 75 meeting attendees joined and signed our diversity banner. Beginning in January 2019, we started recruiting members to the committee. After months of hard work, the ID committee SOP has been approved by the SETAC North America Board of Directors, and we now have full committee status. Thank you to the members who have supported our efforts to make SETAC North America a more diverse society, reflective of the world we serve.

Signed diversity banner from SETAC Sacramento

The ID banner was signed by numerous meeting attendees during the SETAC North America 39th Annual Meeting last November in Sacramento.

We are currently looking for members who are interested in serving as leaders in the committee. We have several vacancies open for subcommittee chairs, including:

  1. Social Media Subcommittee: The chair of this committee will be tasked with the upkeep of the various ID Committee social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram). It is the chair’s responsibility to keep an active social media profile as well as post relevant job postings, committee news, highlights of ID Committee members and meeting information to our social media sites.
  2. Recruitment Subcommittee: The chair of this subcommittee will be tasked with finding new means to recruit members to the ID Committee as well as keeping a record of new members and maintain contact information so that we may track the progress of members over the years.
  3. Fundraising and Events Subcommittee: The chair or co-chairs for this subcommittee, in coordination with the SETAC North America Development Committee, will be tasked with actively fundraising for the committee. This committee works hand-in-hand more so than others, so having two co-chairs rather than one central chair may be better for planning efforts. The chair or co-chairs will be in charge of identifying vendors, partners, outside organizations, colleges and universities which may donate to the committee. Planning annual meeting activities will also be charged to this group.
  4. People with Disabilities in the Profession Committee: Chair of this subcommittee will be tasked with identifying distinct needs specific to members that identify with this group while emphasizing disability as an often overlooked diversity issue. The chair works to assure the full access of people with disabilities within SETAC North America and to advance their status within the society.

If you are interested in serving in any of these subcommittees as chair, please contact ID Committee co-chairs Austin Gray and Latonya Jackson.

The ID Committee is planning to host our second annual event at the SETAC North America 40th Annual Meeting, which will be held from 3–7 November 2019 in Toronto, Canada. The Gathering of Empowered Minds Social (GEM) is an event for members to come together and proactively brainstorm how our committee can help the society become more diverse. The event itself is also dedicated to providing a safe space for underrepresented individuals to come and speak about their own experiences that helped them navigate through professional settings while being a minority. Early bird tickets are $10 for students and $20 for regular members. The GEM social will take place from 6:30–8:30 p.m. on Wednesday, 6 November, in room 601 B and will include appetizers and refreshments.

We look forward to meeting you there!

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