Ruth Hull, North America Endowment Fund Chair

Remember the above image from the SETAC North America annual meeting in 2015 in Salt Lake City, Utah? We put four SETAC generations in the Endowment Fund jail (from left): Megan Stallard, who was Frank Bailey’s student, who was Steve Klaine’s student, who was Herb Ward’s student.

There are a lot of people at SETAC who have had a tremendous influence on the lives of so many other SETACers. Let’s celebrate these connections. Help us grow some SETAC family trees at the SETAC North America 39th Annual Meeting from 4–8 November in Sacramento, California.

In memory of Steve Klaine’s impact on the Society, the first SETAC family tree was posted at last year’s annual meeting in Minneapolis, Minnesota, to show the wide-reaching effect of his dedication to his students and the environmental sciences.

This year, we would like to grow the SETAC family trees to showcase more people and more connections. We encourage you to come by the endowment fund table in the SETAC Square in the exhibit hall during the meeting to grow your own SETAC family tree, from academic, business or government, wherever your SETAC life was nourished and thrived.

In addition, we will have a tree started in memory of Peter Chapman. So please come by if you were influenced by him.

If you would like to support future generations of scientists, please consider making a donation to the Steve Klaine Environmental Education Award Fund or the Peter Chapman Memorial Fund. You can also make a donation to student travel awards or the general endowment fund, which supports technical, scientific and educational activities consistent with the Society’s mission. You are welcome to donate anytime or make your contribution in Sacramento.

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