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Wiley’s Drive Towards Open Research: Projekt DEAL and More

9 May 2019|2019, Science and Publications, Volume 20 Issue 5|

Steven Ottogalli, Publisher, and Lee Axelrod, Marketing Manager, Wiley

SETAC partners with Wiley, a global scientific and scholarly publisher, to produce SETAC’s journals Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (ET&C) and Integrated Environmental Assessment and […]

Ohio Valley Chapter Meets in Louisville

9 May 2019|2019, Branch and Chapter Meetings, Branch and Chapter News, Events, Group News, Volume 20 Issue 5|

Brandon Armstrong, President, SETAC Ohio Valley Chapter

The Ohio Valley SETAC North America Regional Chapter (OVC) hosted an annual meeting from 5–6 April at the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Romano Mazzoli Federal Building in Louisville, […]

Introducing the Newest SETAC North America Board Members

9 May 2019|2019, Member News, Member Spotlights, Volume 20 Issue 5|

Teresa Norberg-King, SETAC North America Vice President

When you know and recognize your current leaders, it is easier to reach out to them and unlock future leadership opportunities for yourself. Four members were elected to the SETAC […]

SETAC Europe Executive Director’s Corner

11 April 2019|2019, Leadership Corner, Volume 20 Issue 4|

Bart Bosveld, SETAC Europe Executive Director

Strategic goals are helpful tools to give direction to the society. Goals are useful as a checklist for the council, the board, committees and the office when planning activities and resources. If something comes up, […]

Getting Ready for a Unique SETAC Helsinki Experience

11 April 2019|2019, Annual Meetings, Events, Volume 20 Issue 4|

Delphine Delire, SETAC Europe Communications Manager, and Rebecca Bundschuh, SETAC Europe Education Project Manager

Listen to Established Keynote Speakers

The SETAC Europe 29th Annual Meeting, which will be held from 26–30 May in Helsinki, Finland, includes a lineup of keynote speakers […]

Science et Frites: Recap of the 8th Young Environmental Scientists (YES) Meeting

11 April 2019|2019, Annual Meetings, Events, Volume 20 Issue 4|

Kristina Bitter, RWTH Aachen University; Samuel Moeris, Ghent University; and Mafalda Castro, Stockholm University

The 8th Young Environmental Scientists (YES) Meeting took place from 5–10 February in the beautiful city of Ghent, Belgium. More than 120 students and recent graduates […]

High-Impact Papers Publishing in the SETAC Journals

11 April 2019|2019, Science and Publications, Volume 20 Issue 4|

Jen Lynch, SETAC Director of Publications

These articles are generating conversation and influencing the community. They are our most “highly cited” articles from 2016–2017, which will contribute to the next impact factor. The impact factor is a metric that attempts to […]

Upcoming Deadlines for SETAC Toronto

11 April 2019|2019, Annual Meetings, Events, Volume 20 Issue 4|

Nicole Riddell, Chris Metcalfe and Trudy Watson-Leung, SETAC Toronto Co-chairs

With a record number of session proposals having been received for the SETAC North America 40th Annual Meeting, which will take place from 3–7 November in Toronto, Canada, the excitement […]

Less Than a Month Away from SETAC Cape Town

11 April 2019|2019, Annual Meetings, Events, Volume 20 Issue 4|

Beatrice Opeolu, SETAC Africa Vice President, and Charlie Menzie, SETAC Executive Director

The SETAC Africa 9th Biennial Conference – jointly hosted with the Society for Risk Analysis (SRA) 5th World Congress – is just around the corner. The meeting organizing committee is […]

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