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Elin Ulrich, Focused Topic Meeting Organizing Committee

We are excited to announce the Nontarget Analysis for Environmental Risk Assessment – SETAC North America Focused Topic Meeting (NonTarget 2020), which will be held from 26–30 May 2020 in Durham, North Carolina. The NonTarget 2020 meeting is a follow-on to the NonTarget 2016 meeting that was held in Ascona, Switzerland. The intention is to have such a meeting rotate to different continents every few years.

Nontarget analysis (NTA) is a rapidly evolving technique, so meetings and communications among practitioners are essential to keep abreast of the advances in instrumentation, tools, databases and software. There are a large number of chemicals produced in significant quantities and in active use, but there are limited data available on the environmental accumulation, distribution, fate and effects of those compounds, and only a small number are routinely monitored in exposure-relevant environmental media. Traditional approaches for identifying contaminants are poorly equipped to address the rapid and continual introduction of new chemistries in commerce or their transformation products. NTA approaches that leverage the molecular and structural information garnered by high-resolution mass spectrometry and allied techniques to identify substances without prior knowledge of their presence or even existence are well positioned to surmount previous limitations. Such approaches provide a dynamic, defensible and high(er)-throughput approach for generating detailed compositional information on samples, which subsequently enables rapid and informed decision-making for deployment of environmental and biological monitoring programs, toxicity evaluations and comprehensive risk assessments.

The meeting will cover nontarget screening approaches in depth, from the analytical technology to application in field studies and implementation in risk assessment. The majority of the meeting will have a mixed format with keynote lectures and oral and poster presentations in a single track, allowing attendees to hear and see all presentations. Additionally, portions of each day will be devoted to multiple tracks that will focus more deeply on specific topics in breakout discussions and demonstration workshops. Please provide your feedback on these topics through our survey.

Abstract submission is now open. Platform and poster abstracts are being accepted until 22 January in the following topic areas:

  • Advances in Instrumentation and Approaches
  • Workflow and Software Advances
  • Method and Performance Evaluation
  • Applications to Human Exposure and Effects Assessment
  • Applications to Ecological Exposure and Effects Assessment
  • Process-oriented Studies in Natural and Engineered Systems
  • Applications to Regulatory Frameworks and Monitoring
  • Additional Themes in Nontarget Analysis (poster only)

Please mark your calendar and save the date so you can join us. See you next May!

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