Leah Thornton Hampton, NASAC Chair; Derek Green, NASAC Vice Chair; and Alex MacLeod, NASAC Outgoing Chair

It’s 2019, and as always, the North America Student Advisory Council (NASAC) is gearing up for another busy year! You’re a student and you’ve never heard of NASAC!? Oh wait, you’ve heard of it but have no idea what it is? Either way, we’re happy to oblige your curiosity with a quick, simple refresher or introduction to our group!

What is NASAC and what does it do?

  • NASAC is the central student group within SETAC North America.
  • Our primary goal is to provide a voice for students within the society!
  • All year round, we work to improve and enhance the SETAC student experience by providing student perspectives on issues to the SETAC North America Board of Directors and planning student-centered programming.

How is NASAC organized?

  • NASAC comprises the executive student leadership (chair, vice chair and outgoing chair), all North American regional chapter student representatives, two members-at-large, associate members and two advisors from the SETAC North America Board of Directors.
  • Voting members include the executive leadership, regional chapter student representatives and members-at-large.
  • All members of NASAC are organized around sub-committees to complete a wide variety of student-centered projects. For example, one subcommittee organizes the annual Student Mixer at the SETAC North America annual meeting. This group works to organize and fundraise for one of our most popular student events.
  • Since NASAC members are scattered across North America, we work together via email and monthly conference calls to discuss projects in the works.

How do you get involved in NASAC?

  • Getting involved is easy! Just contact any member of the NASAC executive leadership.
  • Anyone can become an associate member and help with any NASAC project(s) that interest them.
  • Jump right in! Don’t worry if you feel as if you are not qualified. All you need to be a NASAC member is enthusiasm. We’re all here learning—we are students after all, right?

What are some the benefits of getting involved?

  • You can work on turning your ideas for student programming and activities into reality.
  • You can be involved as little or as much as you want. We have projects of all sizes.
  • NASAC is a great place to meet SETAC members all over North America and even the globe. The networking opportunities are truly endless!

Still not sure but want to know more? Please do not hesitate to reach out to our executive leadership (Leah, Derek or Alex), and we would be happy to answer any questions that you may have. Students can get involved anytime throughout the year. We welcome all enthusiastic and driven students to join NASAC!

Authors’ contact information: leahthornton@my.unt.edu

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