Tyler Linton, Midwest SETAC President

The 27th Annual Meeting of the Midwest Chapter of SETAC was held from 21–23 March 2019 at the University of Wisconsin–La Crosse. More than 80 scientists and students from academia, business and governmental agencies were in attendance. The program consisted of a short course, “Introduction to Ecological Risk Assessment,” taught by Michael Kierski, Exponent, and Charles Menzie, SETAC Executive Director. The scientific program was a day and a half of technical presentations and posters, with planned social activities each day. This year’s plenary speaker was Jeff Hastings, Project Manager for Trout Unlimited, who spoke on “Landscape Scale Cold-Water Restoration.”

Student Awards

The winner and runner up of the Best Student Platform Presentation were, respectively: Gavin Dehnert, University of Wisconsin–Madison, for his presentation on “2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic Acid Containing Herbicide Impairs Essential Visually Guided Behaviors of Larval Fish” and Mariana Felix-Kim, Loyola University Chicago, for her presentation on “Microplastic Consumption and Excretion by Fathead Minnows (Pimephales Promelas): Are They Dependent on Particle Size?”

The winner and runner up of the Best Student Poster Presentation were, respectively: Becky Curtis, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, for her presentation on “Next-Generation Battery Cathode Material Lithium Cobalt Oxide and Metabolomic Impacts to Freshwater Crustacean Daphnia Magna” and Eric Ostovich, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, for his presentation on “Developing an In Vitro Model from Daphnia magna to Evaluate the Molecular Interactions of Nanoparticles.” The 3M Company and SC Johnson graciously provided $1,000 awards for the winner of each category.

Chapter Leadership

Elections were held for the Midwest SETAC Board of Directors (including their term):

President: Tyler Linton (2019–2020), Great Lakes Environmental Center, Inc.
Vice President: David Feifarek (2019–2020), SC Johnson
Past President: Tham Chung Hoang (2019–2020), Loyola University – Chicago
Secretary: Tatiana Tatum Parker (2018–2021), Saint Xavier University
Treasurer: Michael Kierski (2017–2020), Exponent
Member: Krassimira Hristova (2018–2021), Marquette University
Member: Amber White (2018–2021), University of Wisconsin – Madison
Member: Tawnya Cary (2019–2022), Beloit College
Member: Andrea Hicks (2019–2022), University of Wisconsin – Madison
Member: Meghan Williams (2019–2022), Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

We had a social meet and greet on Thursday night, and at the end of the meeting, we were treated to watching the bald eagles that were abundant and sitting on the ice of the Mississippi River.

Author’s contact information: linton.tk@gmail.com

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