Nadezhda Kudryasheva, SETAC Russian Language Branch President

In August 2018, the SETAC Russian Language Branch, in cooperation with members of the Social Council at the Ministry of Ecology of Krasnoyarsk Region in Siberia, applied to the Russian State Duma (parliament of the Russian Federation) with a legislative initiative to address environmental damage issues associated with the construction industry.

Nadezhda Kudryasheva

Nadezhda Kudryasheva

We proposed an initiative to develop ecological regulations and requirements that would legally require construction companies to compensate for the calculated damage due to construction and development activities to the ecological function of felled green spaces. For example, green photosynthesis mass can be considered as a main ecological parameter of concern in these calculations. In September 2018, the Ministry of Ecology of Krasnoyarsk Region came out in support of our proposal. In October 2018, our initiative was accepted for consideration at the Ecology Committee of the State Duma. Additionally, the Krasnoyarsk Regional Ministry proceeded to develop a similar proposal for the Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia. The SETAC Russian Language Branch intends to monitor the progress and hopeful passage of the initiative in governmental and legislative bodies, as well as to evaluate the efficiency of their interaction of these legislative bodies with civilian representative bodies.

This initiative was raised as a result of concern about the reduction of areas covered by forest plantations in the region of Krasnoyarsk, an industrial city of one-million inhabitants, and the significant ecological problems resulting from these industrial activities. The Krasnoyarsk forests sustained additional damage in 2016–2017 during the construction of sport facilities for the 2019 Winter Universiade. An example of this damage is shown in the article’s featured image. The mountain “Nikolaevskaya Sopka” was deprived of more than 100,000 trees, according to calculations by independent experts.

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