Bill Goodfellow and Tim Canfield, SETAC Globe Co-Editors in Chief

As we take the opportunity to reflect on the SETAC Globe for 2018, we find a lot of exciting accomplishments. The most significant activity was that the Globe ushered in a new format, switching in August to a fresher, more magazine look with the opportunity to more easily find and read similar subject matter content. We are quite excited with this new format, and the team worked very hard on this project. This past year, we published more than 150 articles and session summaries, and this could only happen with the quality submissions that we receive from SETAC members and friends throughout the world. Thank you all for your submissions, and please keep up the great work of providing interesting content to our readership.

Speaking about our readership, we hit a new high this past year. As of the October issue, which is the last time we ran the metrics, the Globe reached more than 12,600 individuals with an open rate per issue of consistently more than 3,500. This is considerably above the norm for electronic magazine and newsletters. In addition, our year over year growth this past year was more than 12% growth in readership. These firsts could not have happened without you, our members and friends, supplying the content that attract our readership to want to know what SETAC is doing. The Globe is your electronic magazine, and we try hard to give you a wide selection of articles and information from our geographic units, World Council, journals, chapters, branches, committees, Interest Groups, diversity equality and our role in ethical behavior as well as report backs from our annual meetings. Please keep sending us your articles and, if you have any ideas for other special interest or training articles, please let us know.

We would like to extend our best wishes to all of you as we enter this holiday season and end of the calendar year. We are truly grateful being part of an international community of scientists, making our world a little better each and every day by advancing the knowledge in environmental issues to all points of the globe. This past year, nearly all of us have been directly or indirectly affected by the extreme weather events, political instability and refugee concerns, as well as disease, drought and famine. Please use this month as an opportunity to contribute meaningfully to your personal community. In our opinion, this is what makes the SETAC community strong and is one of the major reasons we call SETAC our professional society home.

On behalf of our Globe team, the executive directors, the councils and board of directors for the World Council and the five GUs, our journals staff, and our Brussels and Pensacola offices, we wish each of you a safe and joyous holiday season and a happy New Year. We thank all our SETAC members and friends for their continued support.

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