John Toll, SETAC North America Immediate Past President, and Karel de Schamphelaere, SETAC Europe President

2018 has been a year of great progress in establishing a global certification program. The new global program will certify professionals in environmental risk assessment. It will retain the core competencies covered under the current SETAC Europe certification of environmental risk assessors (CRA) program, which will become part of the global program once adopted. These areas will be periodically evaluated and updated as the practice evolves. Two criteria were used to decide what to change about the current program:

  1. Potential for the element to be applied subjectively, particularly when applied across the five geographic units (GUs)
  2. Ability to execute the element efficiently

SETAC Europe CRA program elements that have low risk of being applied subjectively and the high probability of being cost effective will be retained. Tax law provisions require SETAC, which is incorporated as a 501(c)3 organization in the US, to remain independent of the global certification program board that will eventually run the program. Once formed, this new board will have to operate autonomously. A working group comprising representatives of all five GUs has drafted and reviewed a request for proposals (RFP), which will be finalized shortly. We intend to select the management group (that will have to set up and run the certification board) at or shortly after the SETAC Europe 29th Annual Meeting, which is held from 26–30 May 2019 in Helsinki, Finland. Once the global certification program is established, SETAC will operate an education program, fully separate and distinct from the certification board, that aims to support certification candidates.

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