9 May 2019

SETAC Helsinki Is Ready to Welcome You

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Kari Lehtonen, SETAC Helsinki Co-Chair

Just a couple of weeks to go, and we will be kicking off the northernmost SETAC conference ever. The response has been superb; currently, registrations are approaching the […]

Your Science or My Science? When the Sides Taken on a Research Topic are Affected by Different Philosophical Positions and Values

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Annegaaike Leopold, Calidris Environment b.v.; Charmaine Ajao, European Chemicals Agency (ECHA); and Thomas-Benjamin Seiler, RWTH Aachen University

Is our science influenced by value judgements or are we all objective, “clean hands scientists” to […]

Wiley’s Drive Towards Open Research: Projekt DEAL and More

2019-05-09T16:34:47+00:009 May 2019|Categories: 2019, Science and Publications, Volume 20 Issue 5|

Steven Ottogalli, Publisher, and Lee Axelrod, Marketing Manager, Wiley

SETAC partners with Wiley, a global scientific and scholarly publisher, to produce SETAC’s journals Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (ET&C) and […]

Ohio Valley Chapter Meets in Louisville

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Brandon Armstrong, President, SETAC Ohio Valley Chapter

The Ohio Valley SETAC North America Regional Chapter (OVC) hosted an annual meeting from 5–6 April at the U.S. Army Corps […]

Introducing the Newest SETAC North America Board Members

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Teresa Norberg-King, SETAC North America Vice President

When you know and recognize your current leaders, it is easier to reach out to them and unlock future leadership opportunities for yourself. Four members were […]