14 March 2019

SETAC Helsinki: What’s Up for Scientists and Members?

2019-04-11T15:20:44+00:0014 March 2019|Categories: 2019, Annual Meetings, Events, Volume 20 Issue 3|

Bart Bosveld, SETAC Europe Executive Director; Delphine Delire, SETAC Europe Communications Manager; Rebecca Bundschuh, SETAC Europe Education Project Manager; and Roel Evens, SETAC Europe Scientific Project Manager

The SETAC Europe 29th Annual […]

Meet Our New SETAC North America Board Members

2019-11-07T14:52:35+00:0014 March 2019|Categories: 2019, Member News, Member Spotlights, Volume 20 Issue 3|

Teresa Norberg-King, SETAC North America Vice President

Last fall, we added six new members to the SETAC North America (SNA) Board of Directors. I would like to introduce them to you! Four […]

New Microplastic IG Keeping Busy with Workshops, Sessions and More

2019-03-14T16:31:11+00:0014 March 2019|Categories: 2019, Group News, Interest Group News, Volume 20 Issue 3|

Susanne M. Brander, Oregon State University; Jelena Grbic, University of Toronto; Chelsea Rochman, University of California, Davis; Todd Gouin, TG Environmental Research; Amy Lusher, NIVA Norwegian Institute of Water Research; Denise […]

Soil Biodiversity and How to Protect Soil Ecosystems

2019-03-14T16:30:48+00:0014 March 2019|Categories: 2019, Events, Focused Topic and Symposia, Volume 20 Issue 3|

Jörg Römbke, ECT Oekotoxikologie, and Kees van Gestel, Vrije Universiteit (symposium chairs); Liesje Mommer, Netherlands Institute of Ecology and Wageningen University; Silvia Pieper, Federal Environment Agency; and Mike Coulson, Exponent International Ltd. […]

North America Student Advisory Council: NASAC 101

2019-03-14T16:30:32+00:0014 March 2019|Categories: 2019, Committee News, Group News, Volume 20 Issue 3|

Leah Thornton Hampton, NASAC Chair; Derek Green, NASAC Vice Chair; and Alex MacLeod, NASAC Outgoing Chair

It’s 2019, and as always, the North America Student Advisory Council (NASAC) is gearing up for another busy year! […]

Environmental Careers with a Purpose

2019-03-14T16:30:11+00:0014 March 2019|Categories: 2019, Leadership Corner, Volume 20 Issue 3|

Tamar Schlekat, SETAC Scientific Affairs Manager

The hashtag #careerpivot is trending in my LinkedIn feed, promoted by mid-career professionals seeking “jobs with purpose.” Led by millennials and Generation Z, workers these days do […]

14 February 2019