14 June 2018

Awards Presented at the SETAC Europe Annual Meeting in Rome

2018-08-03T21:37:58+00:0014 June 2018|Categories: 2018, Awards, Events, Member News, Volume 19 Issue 6|

Michelle Bloor, SETAC Europe Awards Chair, and Annegaaike Leopold, SETAC Europe Awards Immediate Past Chair

It was a pleasure and an honor for Annegaaike Leopold to present this year’s SETAC Europe and Global […]

Join Us at the SETAC Asia-Pacific Meeting in Daegu, Korea

2018-08-03T21:38:23+00:0014 June 2018|Categories: 2018, Events, Volume 19 Issue 6|

Sae Yun Kwon, SETAC Korea Organizing Committee

SETAC Asia-Pacific (SAP) annual meetings have long been one of the most widely attended international environmental toxicology and chemistry conferences across the Asia-Pacific region since the […]

Strengthening the Voice of Student Members in North America

2018-07-17T22:29:13+00:0014 June 2018|Categories: 2018, Committee News, Group News, Leadership Corner, Volume 19 Issue 6|

Greg Schiefer, SETAC North America Executive Director; Sabine Barrett, SETAC North America Communications Manager; and Tom Augspurger, SETAC North America Immediate Past President

The SETAC North America Board of Directors and two ad […]

A New Incarnation of Learned Discourses Emerges in Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management

2018-07-20T19:33:32+00:0014 June 2018|Categories: 2018, Science and Publications, Volume 19 Issue 6|

Nancy Shappell, Guy Gilron and David DeForest, Co-editors of Learned Discourses

Do you have something important to communicate within the sphere of Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management (IEAM) that doesn’t conform to […]