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Scientific Integrity Must Rise Above Partisanship

9 August 2018|2018, Leadership Corner, Volume 19 Issue 8|

Charles Menzie, SETAC Global Executive Director, and Ross Smith, SETAC President

SETAC is intentionally a tripartite (academia, government and business) professional society of scientists and engineers. We make no apology for that as it is essential for advancing scientific discourse directed toward […]

SETAC Globe: Fresh New Look, Same Great Content

9 August 2018|2018, Publications, Volume 19 Issue 8|

Bill Goodfellow and Tim Canfield, SETAC Globe Co-Editors-in-Chief

This issue of the SETAC Globe has a new fresh look, with the same great content developed by you, our members. When the SETAC Globe was recast as a digital newsletter from our original […]

SETAC Sacramento: From Fine Keynotes to Fine Wines

9 August 2018|2018, Annual Meetings, Events, Volume 19 Issue 8|

Eric Van Genderen and Michelle Hornberger, SETAC North America 39th Annual Meeting Co-chairs

Did you know that Sacramento is the birthplace of the Pony Express? At a cost of $10 per ounce, which is about $300 today, service between California and […]

Exciting Student Activities Are Lined Up for SETAC Sacramento

9 August 2018|2018, Annual Meetings, Events, Volume 19 Issue 8|

Alexander MacLeod, Bernalyn McGaughey and Debra Denton, Student Activities Committee of the Sacramento Program Committee

Whether you’re an undergraduate, graduate student or an early career professional, be sure to plan to attend the student activities at the SETAC North […]

Strengthening the Voice of Student Members in North America – The Students’ Perspective

9 August 2018|2018, Committee News, Group News, Volume 19 Issue 8|

Alexander MacLeod, University of Maryland and 2017–2018 NASAC Chair; Leah Thornton, University of North Texas and 2018–2019 NASAC Chair; David Dreier, University of Florida and 2016–2017 NASAC Chair; Austin Gray, University of North Carolina at Greensboro and 2014–2015 NASAC Chair; Blair Paulik, Maul Foster […]

Join Us at the WiOW: What’s In Our Water 2018 Symposium

9 August 2018|2018, Branch and Chapter Meetings, Branch and Chapter News, Events, Volume 19 Issue 8|

Mike Williams, Kathryn Hassell and Rai Kookana, WiOW Symposium Organizing Committee

The What’s in Our Water 2018 Symposium (WiOW 2018) is the sixth in a series that has been running since 2004 in conjunction with CSIRO and SETAC Australasia. It is […]

Regional Spotlight: Prairie Northern Chapter’s 9th Annual Meeting

9 August 2018|2018, Branch and Chapter Meetings, Branch and Chapter News, Events, Volume 19 Issue 8|

Natalie Wagner, University of Manitoba

The SETAC Prairie Northern Chapter 9th Annual General Meeting and Conference was hosted by the University of Alberta from 4–5 June 2018 in Edmonton, Canada. The conference was themed “Breaking the Ice: Toxicology in Cold Climates.” Proceedings […]

SETAC Europe 24th LCA Symposium: Register Now

9 August 2018|2018, Events, Focused Topic and Symposia, Volume 19 Issue 8|

Nicole Unger and Iris Kral, Symposium Chairs

The discussion about sustainable development and related challenges for Europe is no longer limited to a small group of experts. It is discussed openly in various fora, both scientific and non-scientific.

The SETAC Europe […]

SETAC North America Early Career Committee

9 August 2018|2018, Annual Meetings, Committee News, Events, Group News, Volume 19 Issue 8|

Kristin Bridges, University of North Texas; Elizabeth Medlock Kakaley, USEPA/UNC Cooperative; and Erin Ussery, University of Ontario Institute of Technology

We are calling all early career professionals in environmental toxicology and chemistry: Whether you are a student about to graduate, […]

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