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Why Become and Stay a Member of SETAC?

6 September 2018|2018, Publications, Volume 19 Issue 9|

Timothy Canfield and William Goodfellow, SETAC Globe Editors-in-Chief

The two of us talk every Friday morning as part of our Globe Editor-in-Chief responsibilities. As you might expect, our discussions primarily revolve around the upcoming issue of the Globe and what we […]

SETAC Sacramento: Connecting SETAC to Local Communities

6 September 2018|2018, Annual Meetings, Events, Volume 19 Issue 9|

Eric Van Genderen and Michelle Hornberger, SETAC Sacramento Co-Chairs, and John Toll, SETAC North America President

Fun Fact: Did you know that Sacramento is actually California’s sixth capital since 1849? Starting in San Jose, then Vallejo and Benicia, back to Sacramento, San […]

Extrapolation of Effects Across Biological Levels: Challenges to Implement Scientific Approaches in Regulation

6 September 2018|2018, Events, Focused Topic and Symposia, Volume 19 Issue 9|

Paul van den Brink (chair), Wageningen University; Elke Zimmer (co-chair), ibacon GmbH; Georg Streck (co-chair), European Commission; Thomas Preuss, Bayer AG; Udo Hommen, Fraunhofer IME; Simon Gutierrez Alonso, European Chemicals Agency; Anna-Maija Nyman, European Chemicals Agency; Jose Tarazona, European Food Safety Authority; […]

Summary From the Second SETAC Pellston Workshop® in Support of Global Guidance for Life Cycle Impact Assessment Indicators and Methods

6 September 2018|2018, Volume 19 Issue 9, Workshops|

Rolf Frischknecht and Olivier Jolliet, Workshop Co-Chairs

Summary Report

A SETAC Pellston Workshop® was held in late June 2018 in Valencia, Spain, to develop the second volume of the United Nations Environment Programme’s Life Cycle Initiative project, “Global Guidance for […]

SETAC Europe Student Advisory Council’s Perspective: After the Annual Meeting Is Before the YES Meeting

6 September 2018|2018, Annual Meetings, Events, Volume 19 Issue 9|

Samuel Moeris, YES 2019 Chair, Ghent University; Josef Koch, Annual Meeting Representative, Ghent University; and Katharina Heye, SAC Chair, Goethe University

Who needs dining tables when you can have lunch on your lap while enjoying an entertaining anecdote by a […]

Scientific Integrity Must Rise Above Partisanship

9 August 2018|2018, Leadership Corner, Volume 19 Issue 8|

Charles Menzie, SETAC Global Executive Director, and Ross Smith, SETAC President

SETAC is intentionally a tripartite (academia, government and business) professional society of scientists and engineers. We make no apology for that as it is essential for advancing scientific discourse directed toward […]

SETAC Globe: Fresh New Look, Same Great Content

9 August 2018|2018, Publications, Volume 19 Issue 8|

Bill Goodfellow and Tim Canfield, SETAC Globe Co-Editors-in-Chief

This issue of the SETAC Globe has a new fresh look, with the same great content developed by you, our members. When the SETAC Globe was recast as a digital newsletter from our original […]

SETAC Sacramento: From Fine Keynotes to Fine Wines

9 August 2018|2018, Annual Meetings, Events, Volume 19 Issue 8|

Eric Van Genderen and Michelle Hornberger, SETAC North America 39th Annual Meeting Co-chairs

Did you know that Sacramento is the birthplace of the Pony Express? At a cost of $10 per ounce, which is about $300 today, service between California and […]

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